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Our subsidiary Zandzuig- en Overslagbedrijf Van der Waal B.V. is located in Papendrecht.

Van der Waal B.V. is a supplier of fill sand, drain sand, street sand, masonry sand, sand for sports fields and equestrian sports (M3C and M3D), alternative light fill materials (including Argex), various gravel and soil types.

Van der Waal B.V. is a logistics service provider over water and road with its own fleet and equipment, but also through our partners.

Transshipment locations in Rotterdam, Papendrecht, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, Delft, Leiden, Alphen aan den Rijn or our partners in the region.

Egyptian Dutch Dredging company was founded in 2008, together with an Egyptian partner, as a subsidiary company of the Dutch based dredging company Baggerbedrijf De Boer, outside of The Netherlands better known as Dutch Dredging.
Baggerbedrijf De Boer – Dutch Dredging is a medium size dredging company, based in Sliedrecht in the Netherlands. The holding is an independent private company. The total scope of activities consists of dredging, surveying and related marine operations in the fullest sense.

At Egyptian Dutch Dredging Company, our stakeholders may count on quality and reliability, which are the keywords for our organisation and our personnel. Our ‘medium’ size guarantees an organisation ‘small enough’ to provide short and clear communication lines, quick decision making and flexibility, but ‘big enough’ to guarantee sufficient technical know how, expertise and financial back-up. In our opinion, working with mother nature requires environmental concern and safety and we try to live up to the latest standards in this field.

Count Consultancy & Trading (CCT)is active in hydrography and geodesy worldwide. Hydrography focusses on measurements of physical characteristics on and in the water. These characteristics can be used for many purposes.

  • For navigation and harbour management the navigational depths, objects, tidals and currents are determined for save navigation.
  • For coastal management it can be used for monitoring the near shore seafloor and  the ecological systems.
  • For dredging activities they can be used for equipment/vessel planning, determing quantities and project management.
  • Geodesy can be explaned as hydrography with the difference that geodesy focusses on measurments above sealevel.

The measurements are conducted with high-tech equipment such as latest GPS-techniques (GNSS, RTK), echosounders (dual frequency for silt layers and multibeam for wide path measurements (up to 2.5 times the local waterdepth!)), motionsensors, etc. 

Dutch Dredging New Zealand is our subsidiary company based in Auckland, New Zealand.

A ten-year contract was signed in 2016 for the maintenance of 5 ports in Nieuw Zeealand, namely:

  • Primeport Timaru Ltd
  • Port Taranaki Ltd
  • Port of Tauranga Ltd
  • Lyttelton Port Company Ltd
  • Port of Napier Ltd

What is special is that these competing ports have joined forces with a joint tender, so that our trailing suction hopper dredger Albatros could be permanently stationed in New Zealand.

As a family business, we focus on the long term. This ten-year contract fits in seamlessly with this. A good example of sustainable cooperation between all parties and traditional Dutch glory abroad.

Contact details:


T5, Ground floor
17 Banks Avenue
Mount Maunganui 3116
New Zealand

Contact person:
Mr. Ron Heijkoop
T +64 22 050 2954
E Rheijkoop@dutchdredging.nl