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Dredging work in the ports of Terneuzen

Our Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger Lesse, Water and air injection dredger Airset and the Crane Vessel Rival dredged in the Ports of Terneuzen.

For the contract of the client North Sea Port Netherlands N.V., TSHD Lesse has brought the Braakmanhaven to the correct depth, including the access channel. Because our client attaches great importance to sustainability, de Lesse sailed on biofuel to carry out these maintenance dredging activities.

At this moment the crane vessel Rival and WAI dredger Airset are busy removing the dredge spoil under and beside the jetties of the Oostbuitenhaven in Terneuzen for client Rijkswaterstaat Programs, Projects and Maintenance.


Curious about the Airset working method?