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Baggerbedrijf De Boer dredging the Suriname River

Baggerbedrijf De Boer, in a joint venture with Boskalis, has been awarded the contract to further deepen a 68-kilometer-long stretch of the Suriname River and keep it at the required depth during the following two years. The joint venture also carried out the initial capital dredging last year during which the same part of the river was deepened.

The Suriname River offers ships access to the port of Paramaribo and its terminals.

The Suriname River is a 480-kilometer-long river that originates in the Amazon region and ends at the country’s capital Paramaribo. With this dredging project, Suriname aims to make the port more accessible to larger vessels from container, oil and gas companies and thus grow its economy. At high tide, vessels with a depth of more than 7 meters will be able to pass through in a year’s time.