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Dutch Dredging orders a TSHD and a Bed leveller

Dutch Dredging orders the Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger ‘Lesse’ and bed leveller/ploughboat the ‘Peter’, which are evolutions of vessels ordered previously. 

The designs were optimized further in collaboration with the entire fleet personnel, giving rise to new concepts. For example, the ‘Peter’ is a further development of the ‘Kees jr.’ delivered in 2014. The multifunctional plough boat measures 22.3 m by 7.0, with a draught of 2.8 m. Among other things the boat is equipped with a multibeam, so that the seabed can be charted entirely in three dimensions. These readings form the basis not just for an analysis of the work to be performed, but also substantiate the work carried out for the clients.


The new 2,300 m3 hopper dredge ‘Lesse’ is based on the ‘Albatros’ (2013) and the ‘Mahury’ (2015) of Dutch Dredging. The vessel has a shallow draught and will be equipped with an IHC Plumigator overflow to minimize turbidity during operations. The vessel will be deployed worldwide, just like its two predecessors, which have now been assigned in long-term contracts. Delivery is planned for March 2019.

Long-term collaboration

“Thanks to the good and long-term relationship with our clients, combined with our own enthusiastic specialists and a modern, efficient fleet, we are looking to the future with confidence,” notes Dutch Dredging Director Kees van de Graaf. “This is what has enabled us to take this step. We are happy to do it alongside our partners, IHC and Hoekman, whom we know well, and who have also worked well with us in previous building teams.”

Fleet of multi-purpose plough boats

The ‘Peter’, expected to be taken into commission in May 2018, replaces two older plough boats which will be decommissioned this year. Dutch Dredging’s plough boat fleet will then consist of five boats, of which the ‘Kees jr.’ is currently deployed in Hamburg.