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Dredging pocket Kraanbaan 13, Rotterdam

Location Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Client Port of Rotterdam
Period 2015
Equipment used Albatros
In addition to our own ships, we have deployed the following equipment on this project: grab dredger “Bar Melus”, grab dredger “Anjo 4”, tug boat “Zeeuwleeuw”, Offerkamp hopperbarge and bed leveller “Elco” (has been replaced in 2019 by a new bed leveller) .
Dredging volume Approx. 65.000 m3

About this project

Description of the work:

  • Dredging in “Pocket” Heysehaven
  • Storage of contaminated dredging spoil in the “Slufter” depot.
  • Processing of clean dredging spoii in dumping site Heysehaven pocket
  • Deployment of a bubble screen to prevent turbidity of the Nieuwe Maas river durting dredging operations.
  • Conducting test measurements
  • Taking precautions for shipping traffic
  • Environmental guidance in accordance with BRL 7003

The bubble screen is placed on the bottom with the aid of a heavy cable. Laying of the bubble screen starts from the Oostkade. The bubble screen is activated before the start of dredging operations and must not be deactivated until the environmental guidance provider gives permission to do so.

While dredging was underway, a ‘field’ of wooden poles was encountered and identified as the foundation of an old jetty. The total volume of wooden poles lifted was 60 cu.m. These poles were localised, lifted and removed.

Dredging volume: Remediated volume: 11,532 cu.m. / Dredging volume: 53,599 cu.m.

Subcontractor: Duik- en Bergingsbedrijf W. Smit B.V.


Photos of the project

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