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Privacy statement

Baggerbedrijf De Boer B.V. (Chamber of Commerce no. 23059422) and affiliates

We would like you to be aware that we collect and use personal data provided by you because this is necessary for making and executing contracts with you. This is the case both for our potential customers and for parties with whom we do business and/or purchase services. 

If you are an existing or potential customer, we may use your data in order to send you an offer, to determine what specifications or requirements a particular product or service must meet, to deliver products or perform work for you, to send invoices and to communicate smoothly and efficiently with you about aspects of the execution of the contract.

If you are an existing or potential supplier or other contractor, your personal data is also necessary for making and executing a contract. For purchasing, it is necessary so that we can inform you of the specifications or requirements we have for a particular product or service. A request for an offer, placement of an order, payment of your invoice—all these matters can be communicated smoothly and efficiently using your personal data.

If you are a business contact, we can use your data to contact you for purposes that are in the interest of our business. Examples include discussing possible collaborations, providing and obtaining information, and maintaining our network.

You are not obligated to provide your personal data. However, if you decline to provide personal data or provide insufficient data, we may not be able to perform the activities noted above. 

Transmission to third parties

In connection with the execution of a possible contract with you, we may have to share your personal data with parties who supply us with parts, materials, and products or who do work under contract for us. We also use external server space for the storage of some of our sales and purchasing records, including your personal data. For this reason, your personal data is shared with our server space provider. We also use Microsoft Office and its storage capability for e-mails and other files.

Personal data retention period

If you have requested an offer from us but you did not become our customer, we will remove your data from our files no later than one year after our last contact. Similarly, if we have received an estimate from you but have not become your customer, your personal data will be removed no later than one year after our last contact. If you have become our customer or we yours, we will retain your personal data for seven years after the end of the financial year in which the contact with you is fully completed. The period of seven years corresponds to the period in which we are required to retain our records for the tax authorities (Belastingdienst). After the end of this period, we will delete your personal data.

Your rights

You have the right to request a review of your personal data. If necessary, you may also ask us to supplement your personal data or correct inaccuracies. You also have the right to ask for your personal data to be erased or use of your personal data to be limited. You may also lodge an objection against the collection and use of your data, or lodge a complaint with the Personal Data Authority (Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens). Finally, you may ask us for acquisition of your personal data or transfer of that data to another. To exercise your rights, please contact Baggerbedrijf De Boer B.V., Dr. Langeveldplein 11 3361 HE Sliedrecht – 0184 411999 – info@dutchdredging.nl. If you have questions or need more information about the collection and use of your personal data, please feel free to contact us.