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Beach reclamation Quackstrand, Hellevoetsluis

Location Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands
Client Recreatieschap Voorne-Putten
Period 2019
Dredging volume Approx. 94.000 m3

About this project

The assignment concerned beach nourishment at the Quackstrand and Schenkeldijk beaches in Hellevoetsluis. Quackstrand is a popular recreation area near Hellevoetsluis. It was created in the 1970s after the completion of the Haringvliet Sluices. As the beach had caved in through the years, it no longer satisfied contemporary requirements. Baggerbedrijf De Boer B.V. was called in to reinforce the coastline by means of beach nourishment.

Beach nourishment details

The beach nourishment contributed to a major quality boost for Quackstrand. The beach nourishment operation involved replenishment with a volume of sand, creating additional space for nature and recreation. The replenished sand was taken from extraction sites in the North Sea.
A trailing suction hopper dredger carried the sand from the North Sea to Quackstrand. A pipeline was used to nourish the beach from the ship and bulldozers were deployed to spread the sand.
The recreation beach was extended both lengthwise and breadthwise. In total, over 4 hectares of sand were nourished, the equivalent of 8 soccer pitches, creating extra width in the bight and improving access to the beach.


Baggerbedrijf De Boer B.V. hired the trailing suction hopper dredger SCALD and crane ship Bar-Melus and deployed these vessels for the sand replenishment operation. On-shore, a shovel, a bulldozer and a hydraulic excavator were used for spreading the sand and creating the required height.


The surveyor kept track of surface changes by means of a GPS system. After conducting the surveys, the measurements were combined into a digital terrain model. A GPS system is a surveying instrument. It allowed accurate positioning by means of satellite communication to an accuracy of 1 to 2 cms.

Summary of work carried out

  • Beach nourishment at the Quackstrand and Schenkeldijk beaches in Hellevoetsluis.
  • Beach profiling across a total area of 37,000 m2
  • Supply and design of new adapted and extended profile model.
  • Surveying operations by means of a GPS system and combining the various measurements into a final profile.

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