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Dredging the Port ofHamburg

Location Hamburg, Germany
Client Hamburg Port Authority
Period Since 2012
Equipment used Amazone
Kees Jr.
Dredging volume Variable

About the project

This concerns several contracts, namely the use of a bed leveller and the use of a trailing suction hopper dredger in the port of Hamburg.

Use of bed leveller

Bed leveller "Kees Jr" is deployed at various locations within the port area of ​​Hamburg to remove sediment. The shallower parts of the bottom are leveled with the help of the plough. This is done with the help of the plough that moves the sediment to the deeper areas. The requirement for the maximum dredging depth in this contract is up to -16.20 m1 KN (the level is relative to the Hamburger Kartennull) (KN ± 0.0 m = NN -1.60 m).

The bed leveller is also performing hydrographic measurements with single- and multibeam.

Use of trailing suction hopper dredger

Since 2012, our trailing suction hopper dredger Amazone has been taking care of maintenance dredging in the port of Hamburg. Keeping the harbor and the river Elbe at depth.

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Kees Jr.