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Dredging work at St. Johns Harbour

Location St. Johns Harbour, Island of Antigua
Client Blueocean Marine Ltd
Period 2020 - 2021
Equipment used Elbe
Dredging volume Variable

About this project

The former British colony Antigua, is a Caribbean island with 365 beaches. This means that we can try a different beach every day for a year, but... that is not what we came for.

In Antigua they built a new cruise terminal for the oasis and quantum-class cruise ships. This requires more draught in the channel of 12.3m and a large turning circle 11.3m deep with a matching mooring basin of 10.8m deep

So it is very important to bring these locations to the right depth. Our activities are:

  • The  removal of silt and soft clays from the access channel and turning basin (Maintenance dredging)
  • The removal of clay from the access channel and turning basin (Capital dredging).

The project has been completed.


Photos of the project

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