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Dredging works Veerhaven

Location Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Client Stichting Veerhaven Rotterdam
Period March 15 - April 13, 2021
Equipment used Etna
In addition to our own equipment, we also made use of ploughboat Brakzand op this project (hired)
Dredging volume Approx. 17.000 - 19.000 m3

About this project

The exploitation of the Veerhaven is in the hands of the client Stichting Veerhaven Rotterdam. The aim of the Foundation is to preserve the Veerhaven in its vicinity as the maritime cultural heritage of the city of Rotterdam. It is one of the most beautiful and romantic places in Rotterdam, where historic sailing ships gently sway on the water and in the background stately mansions on classic lanes bring the rich shipping past of Rotterdam to life.

The Veerhaven is home to sea-going maritime heritage, such as sea-going sailing ships with a historic character. The fleet consists of former cargo ships such as schooners and coasters, but also loggers, cutters and boats that were used for fishing in the past. Wooden and steel ships from home and abroad. In addition to these commercial vessels, you will also find a number of classic sailing yachts. The maintenance dredging work in the Veerhaven will ensure that ships with a greater draft can also moor.

Dredging work

Because the Veerhaven is a tidal port that has become increasingly shallower over time, it is now time for maintenance dredging work. Crane vessel RIVAL is busy removing the dredged material.

The dredged spoil is discharged into the hopper. There is a grid with holes of 20x20cm on top of the bin, so that waste / debris does not end up in the bin. The dredged material will then be transported to the various processing locations.

In addition to the dredging work in the harbor and at the outer jetty, spoil will also be removed under the harbor office. This job will be performed by the divers from DUC Diving from Urk.

Also 10 mooring posts will be replaced.

The work is completed on the 13th of April 2021.

All in all, a beautiful assignment for Baggerbedrijf De Boer at a unique location in the heart of Rotterdam.

Watch the video of this project:

Video project Veerhaven (Dutch Spoken)

Photo's of the project