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Maintenance dredging at the Port of Waterford

Location Waterford, Ireland
Client Port of Waterford company (Engineer Anthony D. Bates Partnership LLP)
Period 2016, 2020- 2024
Equipment used Amazone
Dredging volume Variable

About this project

The Port of Waterford is a modern efficient port and the closest Irish lift-on lift-off and bulk port to mainland Europe. The dredging locations are the River Suire and the Port of Waterford in South East Ireland.

The dredging work during the dredging campaigns is to remove accumulations of sediment from the channels, turning area and berths at the Port of Waterford. Primary dredging areas are Duncannon Bar and Cheeckpoint Lower bar.

Watch the video of this project

Video of the Lesse dredging in Waterford - Autumn 2020

Photos of the project

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