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Maintenance dredging Braakmanhaven

Location Terneuzen, The Netherlands
Client North Sea Port Netherlands N.V.
Period Vanaf 2020
Equipment used Lesse
Dredging volume Variable

About this project

The assignment is to keep the Braakmanhaven in Terneuzen at the correct depth, including the access channel, by using trailing suction hopper dredgers and, where necessary, other equipment, such as a bed leveller or grab dredger/crane vessel. The released dredged material is transported to a deeper part of the Western Scheldt, to a distribution location about two (2) kilometers away


North Sea Port attaches great value to sustainability and in the context of this tender it was therefore decided to let the ships use biofuel B30 when carrying out the maintenance dredging activities.

Our newest trailing suction hopper dredger “Lesse” sails at this location with bio fuel B30 to get the port at depth, and also our trailing suction hopper dredger Mahury. During this contract, our sustainable ships, bed leveller “Peter” and Green Award grab dredger/crane vessel “Rival” will also be operating in the Braakmanhaven.


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