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Maintenance dredging navigation channel Slijkgat, Stellendam

Location Stellendam, The Netherlands
Client Port of Rotterdam
Period 2021-2024
Equipment used Etna
Dredging volume Variable

About the project

The Slijkgat, the navigation channel that connects the Stellendam harbor with the open sea, is constantly filled with sand and silt. This is a dynamic process: wind, tides, water currents and levels all play a role. Sand and silt come from the sea, but also from the rivers the Meus and Rhine. At high river discharge, sedimentation-rich Meuse and Rhine water is discharged through the Haringvliet sluices. Result: silt in the Slijkgat. The waterway has a length of 13 kilometres and is 100 meters wide.

In the coming years, Baggerbedrijf De Boer will maintain the waterway by means of maintenance dredging work to guarantee the guaranteed depth of -5.5 meters NAP, which is necessary for the safety of the (fishing) vessels and the accessibility of the port.


Photo's of the project

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