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Maintenance dredging Scheveningen harbour

Location Scheveningen, the Netherlands
Client Gemeente Den Haag, Dienst Stadsbeheer
Period 1987 - present
Equipment used Amazone
Kees Jr.
Dredging volume Approx. 300.000 m3 per year

About this project

Baggerbedrijf De Boer is taking care of the maintenance dredging of Scheveningen harbour since 1987

Scheveningen harbour lies directly on the North Sea and is centrally located on the Dutch coast, allowing for rapid movement of shipping in and out of the harbour. Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht and the ports of the Hook of Holland and IJmuiden are accessible by cargo vessels in less than an hour.

The wharfs are large enough for the shipping and storage of cargo. The harbour provides berths for more than 7,500 vessels each year. Apart from offshore, cargo and reefer vessels, a number of fishing vessels sail in and out of the harbour every day.

The Port Authority and Traffic Control Centre ensure the smooth and safe passage of maritime traffic 24 hours a day. The Port Authority also manages, operates and maintains the harbour.

This project concerns the "normal" maintenance dredging work: the depth and maintenance of the ports, access and fairways. In addition, the dredged silt and sand must be deposited in the appropriate dumping area.

The work is carried out by a trailing suction hopper dredger (TSHD). In the port, the TSHD will be assisted by a bed leveller that also carries out the monitoring/surveywork using the PDS2000 survey program.

The locations to be dredged:

  • Navigation channel in the Nieuwe Buitenhaven
  • The Harbor Heads
  • Passage between the Oude Haven and the Nieuwe Buitenhaven
  • The Outer Harbor
  • The Third Harbor
  • The First Harbour


Photos of the project