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Maintenance dredging and towage services at Cayenne and Kourou

Location Cayenne and Kourou, French Guiana
Client Grand Port Maritime de la Guyane (GPMG)
Period 2008 - 2028
Equipment used Delta Queen I
Delta Queen II

In addition to the current equipment, we also used bed leveller Alice and survey vessel Ti-luth, which have now been replaced by bed leveller and survey vessel Kabalebo (since October 2020).

Dredging volume Approx. 10 – 12 million m³ / year

About this project

This project has been running since 2008. A new maintenance contract was started on January 1, 2016, to which the Kourou location and the towing service activities have been added.

Execution and management of this project as a consortium: Baggerbedrijf De Boer B.V. / Iskes Tugs (IJmuiden) B.V./ De Boer Remorquage S.A.R.L.

Type of project: Providing Maintenance dredging, survey, towing and transport services.

Project description:

Dégrad des Cannes in Cayenne and port Pariacabo in Kourou are the main two seaports for the French overseas department in French Guyana. The company has been responsible for maintaining the port since 2008

Since 2016, we are in a new 12 year concession of the port that contains:

  • Maintenance dredging in the entrance to the port of Dégrad des Cannes and port of Pariacabo,
  • Provision of Towing services in the two ports,
  • Survey services for entrance channels and port area,
  • Transport of goods for the National Space Agency to Islands in front of the Kourou coast (with our landing craft Morlander)

In view of the relatively isolated position of French Guyana and the unavailability of any other nautical equipment, we are frequently called upon to deploy our plant and equipment and our crew were frequently consulted to help provide solutions for a wide range activities like wreck removal, placing or removal of buoys, etc.

Watch the amazing video of the Freagte at work on the Mahury river

Video of the Fregate at Cayenne 2020

Photos of the project