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Maintenance dredging at PPGL's Dock 2 Basin, Point Lisas

Location Point Lisas, Gulf of Paria, Trinidad
Client Phoenix Park Gas Processors Limited
Period Q3 2020
Equipment used Elbe
Dredging volume Approx. 80.000 m3

About this project

The dredging work has been carried out in Point Lisas, Trinidad on the Gulf of Paria with the TSHD Elbe. In this area there are many gas and oil terminals, these activities were also carried out at a gas terminal.

The activities consisted of maintenance dredging with the use of TSHD Elbe and the use of a survey vessel. The challenges were:

  • Dredging close to the quay,
  • Remove material under the quay side,
  • Dredging in a relatively small area.

We have tackled the points for attention by dredging close to the quay side and removing the material under the quay using a water injection nozzle on the side of the drag head.

We also carried out In-, Out and Interim surveys. 

The work was completed in September 2020.


Photos of the project

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