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Landreclamation Carmel Port (container terminal), Haifa Bay

Location Haifa Bay, Israel
Client A. Arenson Construction Ltd.
Period 2006 - 2007
Equipment used Amazone

Deployment of the bucket dredger Zeearend : this vessel is no longer in use. Similar to split hopper barges DD510 and DD513.

In addition to our own ships, we have deployed the following hired ships:

  • Plow boat TAMAR
  • Crane pontoon Abeko Server II
Dredging volume Approx. 2.500.000 m3 (reclamation)

About this project 

Our company has years of experience in the port of Haifa since the 1990s. After a tender in 2004 and a long award process, the project to create a new container port was awarded in 2005 to the company A. Arenson Construction Ltd. and Dutch Dredging was asked as a subcontractor for the dredging and reclamation work.

  • Spraying up the sand between the sheet piles, with many restrictions on progress.
  • During construction, the customer realized that the quays could possibly accommodate more depths than the originally intended -14m, which meant that a few extra meters of clay had to be dredged. This was carried out by the bucket dredger and the crane pontoon.
  • Total quantities: 2,500,000m3 of land reclamation with TSHD Amazone and 725,000m2 of dredging work with TSHD, bucket dredger and crane pontoon.


Photos of the project

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