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Maintenance dredging Den Helder and the Mokbaai at Texel

Location Den Helder and Mokbaai Texel, the Netherlands
Client Rijksvastgoedbedrijf
Period 2010 - 2017
Equipment used Adelaar
Dredging volume Approx. 1.050.000 m3 per year

About this project

From 2010 to 2017, we maintained the bottom depth of the Royal Navy port area in Den Helder, including the access channel and maintenance of the bottom depth of the Mokhaven (Wadden island Texel).

The bottom sediment has been removed by means of traditional dredging. At the harbor entrance, the bottom sediment has been removed by water and / or air injection dredging with the Airset.

Extra work: urgent removal of contaminated silt in front of the gates of Dock VI 

The Nieuwe Haven is the port of the Royal Netherlands Navy in Den Helder and the Netherlands' largest naval port. Since the relocation of the submarine service to Den Helder, the Nieuwe Haven has been the home port for all Dutch naval vessels and their support, such as the Marine company and CAMS Force Vision.

The Berg harbor is located in the northeast of the Nieuwe Haven in Den Helder. The Defense Property Department wanted to have the navigation channel in front of dock door VI in the Berg harbor dredged as soon as possible, because the dock door was no longer usable due to pollution. This made it difficult or impossible to carry out ship maintenance.

The work had to be carried out in accordance with the BRL7000 certificate.

Description of the (extra) activities

  • Approximately 800 situ m3 of contaminated sludge (1,000 hopper m3) had to be dredged, which then had to be transported to the dredging depot “De Slufter”.
  • We installed a bubble screen to prevent further spread of the contaminated sludge.
  • We have performed turbidity measurements using a SECCHI disc.


  • We have carried out our own environmental guidance (BRL7000 / Protocol 7003 guidance) as well as environmental guidance BRL SIKB6000 / protocol 6003 by ATKB.
  • In addition to the dredging work, surveywork (single beam) has taken place.
  • Former bed leveller Elco  delivered a flat bottom.


Photos of the project

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