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An impression of our work


Below you will find a SELECTION of our projects

Maintenance dredging access channel of Api Tuxpan

Maintenance dredging Wadden Sea

Dredging work Breskens harbors

Suriname River Dredging Project

Maintenance dredging navigation channel Slijkgat, Stellendam

Dredging work in the Canal from Ghent to Terneuzen

Maintenance dredging at the Port of Waterford

Dredging works Veerhaven

Capital dredging Queens Wharf en Caricom wharf, Port of Spain

Dredging work at St. Johns Harbour

Beach Nourishment Wadden Island Langeoog

Maintenance dredging and towage services at Cayenne and Kourou

Maintenance dredging at the Tweed River Entrance

Maintenance dredging Braakmanhaven

Option charter, deployment of equipment for North Sea Port

Monitoring rivers Waal and Upper Rhine

Dreding Het Nieuwe Diep, Den Helder

Maintenance dredging at the Port of Warrenpoint

Dredging the Port ofHamburg

Maintenance dredging at PPGL's Dock 2 Basin, Point Lisas

Maintenance dredging The Nord-Ostsee Kanal (NOK, or Kiel Canal) - Brunsbüttel

Maintenance dredging 5 ports in New Zealand

Maintenance dredging Prorva channel, Caspian sea

Dredging of the Oranjestad shipping channel and expansion of the Barcadera container terminal

Maintenance Dredging and Reclamation Work at Mulifanua Port, Samoa

Construction of new container terminal, Hadarom project - Ashdod

Charter contract TSHD and other Dredging Equipment - Port of Rotterdam

Dredging work at Guadeloupe

Maintenance dredging at the Port of Dunkirk

Sinker pipeline Dunkirk

Beach reclamation Quackstrand, Hellevoetsluis

Deepening the Southern access channel, Rauma

Maintenance dredging port of ELNG and Marine port Idku

Dredging and underwater blasting Port of Dégrad des Cannes

Maintenance dredging waterways and harbors, province of Zeeland

Maintenance dredging Scheveningen harbour

Management of the Hollandsch Diep and Put Cromstrijen Dredging Depot

Maintenance dredging Port of Liverpool

Maintenance dredging (bucket dredger) river Rhine Duisburg

Beach nourishment Quintana Roo, Playa Del Carmen

Dredging underneath and near the RDM ship-lift, Rotterdam

Dredging pocket Kraanbaan 13, Rotterdam

Maintenance dredging Delfzijl and Paap Sand Süd

Maintenance dredging Alumar Terminal – São Luis

Maintenance dredging Den Helder and the Mokbaai at Texel

Beach Nourishment Waddenisland Norderney

Shore nourishment Schierlohstrand, Brake en Käseburger Siel

Maintenance dredging at Açu

Landreclamation Carmel Port (container terminal), Haifa Bay